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Murder Mystery

With a company of over thirty actors, musicians, and writers this group provides interactive entertainment from original murder mysteries to theme parties and corporate games. These shows, which can be tailored to an audience of 15 to 150, involve audience participation with volunteers taking on supporting character roles. There are props for the guests and clues to find, which creates a high level of involvement ideal for team building events, fundraisers, sales meetings, holiday parties and incentive programs.

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Mystery Show Options

"Lights, Camera, Murder"
A 1968 Class Reunion

"Mafioso Murders"
A spoof of Godfather movies set in
Chicago 1932

"Die Nasty in Dallas"
A spoof of 1980s soap operas

"The Curse of King Tut"
1920s historical comedy about discovery of Tomb of Tutankhamun

"SPY-The Manhattan Murder Mystery"
A 1945 historical comedy

"Who Shot the Sheriff"
A Western comedy based on Arizona history, 1882

"Silence on the Silver Screen"
A spoof on 1950s movies and movie stars